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0: Why is the Text So Tiny on my Phone? 

This is (hopefully) a temporary post, hence number zero.

You may find the text on this website is displayed minuscule on your phone screen.  I am sorry about that, so far as I can see this only affects iPhone users, and it is because Apple have not followed proper web page conventions when deciding how to scale a web page to fit on the screen (text is supposed to wrap, not shrink!).

Users of Android phones* or tablets donít have this problem, users of desktop and notebook computers donít have this problem, and users of iPads donít have this problem so much (because although they are still iOS, the screen is bigger).

* Except the navigation links at the bottom of the page, but I donít understand that yet Ė sorry.  Same advice as below: hold your phone sideways.

I created this web site using very simple standards which should work everywhere.  This problem with iOS means I will have to think again (given the number of visitors who probably have iPhones).  Maybe itís a bit naive of me to imagine that somebody with the marketing clout of Apple will conform to standards instead of making things up their way.

All I can offer at the moment is to suggest you turn your iPhone sideways, so there is a wider screen and the text will be a bit bigger as a result.

And, while Iím at it, donít you think landscape is the better format when you are taking videos?  Why do people video in portrait??  Which way around are their TVs???