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A “blog” (short for “web log”) is a vehicle for personal musings relevant to the subject in hand (or sometimes apropos to nothing at all!).  My blog is a scribble pad for information and opinion relevant to this web site in particular, or ballroom dancing in general.  I have a desire to inform and educate, and I will try to provide the sort of information newcomers to the ballroom won’t know and isn’t commonly available anywhere else.

Much of the content is, of course, my opinions, and readers are welcome to disagree – but they are opinions hard won by decades of observation and experience, and if you find you disagree, the first thing you need to ask yourself is “why do I disagree?”.  I encourage that, because if there are valid reasons to come to a different opinion, I want to know about them and re-assess my own thoughts.

I also won’t hold back.  I’m prepared to tell it like it is, to promote standards and ethics in ballroom dancing, and stand up for what’s right and what’s best for the majority rather than a minority.  This approach has not won me friends in some quarters, but to be frank I can do without that sort of “friend”.

I will add to my blog as time goes on.  If there’s something you want to know that’s not here, just let me know!

FAQ: “Frequently Asked Questions” - a section on a web site to provide general information… but typically a misnomer for answers to questions the authors believe people might ask, or questions they would like to be asked!  It originated as a means to avoid having to reply to the same queries over and over again.  If I do get questions asked frequently, or answers are worth publicising, I'll put them in the blog.

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